Professional disassembly and disposal of all building pollutants

Your service provider from Berlin, offers you in the field of disassembly, renovation and disposal
  • Asbestos and other
  • Night storage stoves disposal
  • Working in contaminated areas
  • KMF (artificial mineral wool) disassembly and disposal
  • PAK - Renovations (tar paper, waterproofing, etc.)
  • Wood preservative remediation (DDT, lindane, fungi and insects)
  • Commercial transport of hazardous and non-hazardous waste (container service on request)
Among the special features of our company is the cooperation with our sister company KA 4 Umwelttechnik in Freiwalde (link) which operates an innovative "black and white" area for the processing of hazardous waste for underground storage (DK IV), cleaning up of polluted materials and equipment and much more.

KA4 pollutant disposal. A disposal specialist according to § 56 KrWG

The BAU certification shows our competence as a reliable and professional disposal company according to § 56/57 KrWG (EfbV) and the strict German guidelines. Registered in the list of companies and suppliers Berlin

KA4. A member of the German Demolition Association

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KA4. A member of the GVSSe.V. (Gesamtverband Schadstoffsanierung e.V.)

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eANV electronic waste detection procedure

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digital detection procedure

We work with the digital verification system, the ZEDAL standard. For more information, go to the website of ZEDAL